Campfire In A Can Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit Patio Heater Review

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Campfire In A Can Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit Patio Heater

Product Review: Campfire In A Can Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit Patio Heater

Company: Amazon

Price Range: $250 – $300

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Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for a compact, powerful, portable campfire that runs on propane or natural gas.


  • The Campfire in a Can is incredibly compact and portable measuring just 15-inches in diameter with a height of 15-inches. Its lightweight of 16.5 lbs and flat hold carry handle makes it easy to carry around. Everything is self-contained so you can store the parts like the hose inside the can.
  • The heavy gauge aluminium caster top has the dual purpose of use as both a carrying case and a stand to put the fire on. Easy close clips provide a secure and easy way to attach the caster top to the base.
  • The included fire features comprise of a ceramic one-piece log set which does wonders to resemble a real wood burning fire, plus black reflective fire glass which glow for added ambience.
  • A 64,000 BTU burner provides incredible heat output for a great flame height. The flame can be conveniently controlled via a flame adjustment lever so you can have a low fire for one person or notch it up high for a whole crowd.
  • A long 10′ rubber hose is included, allow you to have a good distance between the fire and the propane tank so it isn’t in the way as people gather around the fire. Additionally, a conversion orifice is included, allowing you to convert the fire to run on natural gas. However, this work has to be carried out by a qualified gas fitter.
  • Outdoor cooking is made possible with the inclusion of a removable cooking grate. This is ideal for use with a grill skillet or pot.
  • Optional accessories available include a cover and Womp’Em Sticks.
  • This equipment meets CSA safety standards.


  • Converting the fire to run on natural gas requires a qualified gas fitter so it isn’t something you can do yourself.

Guarantee: Happy camper guarantee. This means the manufacture will stand by you if you encounter any problems until you are fully satisfied with the product.


The Campfire in a Can is a bit special. Gone are the days where you have to spend ages gathering up wood and taking it to your campsite to get a fire going. This portable beauty is easy to transport and provides the wonderful ambiance of a powerful campfire without any mess or difficult maintenance. Being fire ban approved, you can even use it on your patio, grass or decking so it also makes a great garden fire for those chilly winter evenings.

We give the Campfire in a Can our glowing recommendation.

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