Clover D7A Hot and Cold Bottleless Water Dispenser Review

Clover D7A Hot and Cold Bottleless Water Dispenser

Product Review: Clover D7A Hot and Cold Bottleless Water Dispenser

Company: Amazon

Price Range: $250 – $300

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Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for an easy to maintain, hot and cold water dispenser which provides both hot and cold water on demand.


  • The Clover D7A sports a sleek, black exterior making it look stylish in any home or business setting. The unit has a compact size, measuring just 12.50″ x 12.40″ x 39.30″ (L x W x H). The rear located built-in handle allows easy transportation of the unit.
  • The highly durable, blow molded cabinet is constructed in one piece from high density polyethylene and is UV protected for resistance to light damage.
  • This water cooler features two stainless steel water tanks which maximize hygiene and prevent water contamination. The built-in condenser is cooled using convection cooling to provide efficient yet quiet cooling and heating. The use of an internal dual float valve ensures that the reservoir keeps at its optimum water level.
  • Self closing faucet provides simple and easy operation when dispensing water.
  • You’ll always have piping hot water on demand with the Clover D7A thanks to the built-in thermostat which automatically keeps hot water at its optimum temperature of 185°F. The cold water thermostat has a temperature range of 35.6-53.6°F.
  • Low maintenance – Keeping the unit in tip top condition just requires you to take out the ABS drip tray and clean it. The tray is dishwasher safe.
  • Energy Star rated.


  • The unit doesn’t include an installation kit, inline filter or filtration system so some additional expenses are required.

Guarantee: 1-year limited warranty.


The Clover D7A Hot and Cold Bottleless Water Dispenser is a high quality appliance with many impressive features that make it energy efficient and easy to use. Its excellent water flow rate of up to 2 gallons per hour makes this great for busy households or offices where you have little time to wait around for your water.

We recommend the D7A without reservation to anyone looking for a bottleless solution for their daily water needs.

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