Crane Mini Fireplace Heater Review

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Crane Mini Fireplace Heater

Product Review: Crane Mini Fireplace Heater

Company: Amazon

Price Range: $75 – $100

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Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for a modern, mini-sized fireplace for providing warmth and ambiance to a small room.


  • Aesthetically, the Crane Mini Fireplace Heater is a fine looking unit which has smooth curves and four miniature supporting legs. The front of the unit is made from clear plastic to give you a good view of the embers as the fire roars. The cool touch surface ensures the unit is safe to touch even on the highest heat setting.
  • The unit is incredibly compact, measuring just 12″ x 15″ x 7.5″ (L x H x W). It is available in three cool colors; White, Red, and Orange.
  • The heater offers 3 main settings which include Glow, 750-watt, 1500-watt. The 750-watt setting is suitable for warming up small rooms, whereas the 1500-watt setting emits enough heat to warm up a medium sized room.
  • You can sit back and enjoy the vibrancy of a fire thanks to the realistic, glowing embers which create a cosy glow.
  • As a safety measure, overheat protection is built in to prevent the fireplace from overheating.


  • This fireplace doesn’t feature a timer so you have to turn it off manually once the room reaches your desired temperature.

Guarantee: 1-year warranty.


We’re mightily impressed with the Crane Mini Fireplace Heater. It’s beautifully designed, quiet, and has a very good flame effect and heater. As it uses a ceramic heating element, it is energy efficient which is pleasing for both your wallet and the environment.

If you’re in the market for an affordable, mini fireplace then this is a strong buy.

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