Danby DWM17WDB Portable Top Load Washing Machine Review

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Danby DWM17WDB Portable Top Load Washing Machine

Product Review: Danby DWM17WDB Portable Top Load Washing Machine

Company: Amazon

Price Range: $450 – $500

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Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for a quiet, compact, top-loading washing machine which is easy to use and washes clothes efficiently.


  • The Danby DWM17WDB is compactly sized so it’s perfect for apartment dwellers or those who don’t have enough room for a full-sized washing machine. Its white exterior looks clean and modern.
  • Being a portable unit weighing only 70-lbs, you can move the machine from room-to-room without any hassle.
  • The tub and trim are constructed of stainless-steel for long term durability and resistance to rusting.
  • The electronic controls are situated at the front of the appliance on-top for easy access. With 8 standard cycles and 4 water level settings, it’s versatile enough for most washing tasks.
  • The use of an agitator is real plus point as it avoids any clothes tangling which occurs with washing machines which use pulse bottoms.
  • The spin cycle does a fine job at getting most of the water out of clothes so the required drying time isn’t long.
  • The machine is quiet in operation so you can have it running in the background whilst you do other tasks in the room without being disturbed by loud noise.


  • The only downside to the Danby DWM17WDB is that its capacity is only 11 lbs so large batches of clothes cannot be washed in one go. However, this isn’t much of an issue as the portability of this machine is its most prized feature.

Guarantee: 12-months (14-months with online registration).

Value for money?

The Danby DWM17WDB Portable Top Load Washing Machine is right up there for value for money. Its compact narrow size, highly durable parts and smart features makes it a great portable washing machine.

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