Epica Stainless Steel Electric Citrus Juicer Review

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Epica Stainless Steel Electric Citrus Juicer

Product Review: Epica Stainless Steel Electric Citrus Juicer

Company: Amazon

Price Range: $25 – $50

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Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for a low-cost, highly user friendly electric citrus juicer which makes light work of juicing any type of citrus fruits.


  • With its super compact design, the Epica can fit on even the most crowded countertops. The unit measures a mere 6″ x 9″ (D x H). On-board cord storage provides neat and tidy storage of the cord under the unit. Its rubber-grip feet ensure stable operation during use.
  • Style-wise, this juicer also gets high marks. The unit is mainly built with black plastic and a brushed stainless steel exterior that is both resistant to staining and stylish.
  • A powerful 70-watt motor provides ample power to the reamer to get every last drop out of your citrus fruits so nothing is gone to waste.
  • This juicer incorporates an automatic stop/start system which makes it very simple to use. Simply press your pre-sliced citrus fruit on to the reamer then it spins and the extraction process begins then stops when you take the fruit away.
  • To ensure a smooth clog-free juicing experience, the Epica features a fine mesh strainer screen that acts like a sieve to catch the pulp. Additionally, its high clearance spout allows you to dispense juice straight into a glass for no nonsense serving. The spouts flip-up design ensures non drip operation.
  • Comes with two reamers – Both a small and large reamer are included with the Epica so you can juice any type of citrus fruits whether it be tangerines, limes, lemons or grapefruits.
  • Easy clean-up – Simply rinse the three removable parts under hot water then allow them to dry.


  • Although this citrus juicer is a good performer at removing most pulp, it doesn’t make juice which is entirely pulp free.
  • Juicing larger citrus fruits require the user to exert more effort and move the fruit at varying angles to finish the job.
  • The parts are not dishwasher-safe. However, cleanup is so easy that this is insignificant.

Guarantee: 1-year warranty.


Citrus juicing just got easier. The Epica Electric Citrus juicer is an elegantly designed, solidly built machine that makes the task of preparing citrus juice a pleasure instead of a chore. Its switchless design and one-touch operation provides ease of use which is unparalleled.

A big thumbs up from us.

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