Hayward SP2615X20 Super Pump 2-Horsepower Max Rated Single Speed Review

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Product Review: Hayward SP2615X20 Super Pump 2-Horsepower Max Rated Single Speed

Company: Amazon

Price Range: $450 - $500

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Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for large capacity, highly-durable pump for an in-ground pool or spa.


  • Superior build quality throughout ensures top durability all year round. The heat-resistant ceramic seal is designed for long-term use and is also drip proof to ensure efficient operation of the unit. Heavy-duty mounting base provides a solid and stable platform for the unit and is suitable for multiple types of installations.
  • The super pump is powered by a heavy-duty motor with ample ventilation to allow good air-flow for near-silent operation. Being a self-priming pump, this helps prevent burnouts or issues with overheating.
  • Maintenance is a breeze thanks to the transparent strainer cover that allows you to see the basket so you know when to clean it out. Furthermore, the strainer cover is easy to remove due to the innovative swing-aside knob design.
  • The large 110 cubic-inch basket has a high capacity so it doesn’t need to be cleaned out frequently, making maintenance minimal.
  • Servicing the pump is easy due to the flexible design. The motor and drive group components can be removed by undoing 4 bolts without harming any other vital components such as the piping.


  • None.

Guarantee: 1-year limited warranty.

Value for money?

The Hayward SP2615X20 Super Pump combines high efficiency with power and durability to deliver great performance to keep your pool or spa clean 24/7. Good design elements like the swing-away handle make it easy to use and maintain so simplicity is key here. With its low operating costs of under $90/year, the overall value of this pump is outstanding.