Sony VAIO E15 Series SVE15124CXW 15.5-Inch Laptop Review

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Sony VAIO E15 Series SVE15124CXW 15.5-Inch Laptop

Product Review: Sony VAIO E15 Series SVE15124CXW 15.5-Inch Laptop

Company: Amazon

Price Range: $550 – $600

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Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for a beautiful, compact, mid-range laptop from a world-renowned electronics brand.


  • The Sony VAIO E15 Series 15 Laptop is built with a distinctive, modern design with an ultra-sleek aluminium lid which has a beautiful diamond-cut logo in the centre. Available in three great colors (Pink, Silver or White).
  • Designed with a 15.5 inch wide screen display that is inclusive of an LED back light. The LED back light helps in enhancing a brighter display with a lower power consumption than regular displays so as to save the battery life.
  • The laptop is also enhanced with a third generation Intel Core i3 dual-core processor that is ideal for easy multitasking. With 6 GB of DDR3 RAM, there is enough memory to multi-task with various applications without the system bogging down. The 750 GB HDD provides a large amount of storage so music and movie lovers can store their large collection of files without needing to use removable media.
  • User-friendly interaction is assured with the full size keyboard which features a ten key number pad and a multi-gesture touch pad that is large for a computing experience that is more comfortable. The keyboard features a back light which creates a nice glow for use in dimly lit environments.
  • Thanks to the Rapid Wake feature, you do not have to switch off the laptop whenever you want to take a break in between work. You simply close the lid in order to put it in sleep mode then quickly resume your session later without the loss of data.
  • Enhanced with a 1.3 mega pixel HD web camera complete with built-in microphone. The cams smart Exmor sensor detects the room brightness so the camera will produce a picture with clarity at all times.
  • Sony has thrown in a wide range of quality programs for multimedia buffs, including Acid Music Studio 8, Sound Forge Audio Studio 10, DVD Architect Studio 5 and Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.
  • Comes supplied with the latest version of the VAIO Care Software for easy maintenance at the click of a button.
  • Powered by the latest Windows 8 Operating System that is fast and efficient.
  • The manufacturers of this laptop offer PC support warranty such that they are able to repair the laptop in your home whenever you are experiencing any problems with it.


  • The battery life is a bit short at only 2.75 hours using the standard brightness level. However, you can purchase an additional battery with a higher capacity if you need longer usage on the go.
  • While the display delivers vibrant color tones which look great for photos and movies, it isn’t as bright as other laptop displays in its category.
  • The touch pad is very sensitive as such it can take some time to get used to it.

Guarantee: 1-year limited warranty.

Value for money?

Sony have got the aesthetics spot on with the VAIO R15 which make it outclass similar priced machines style-wise. The high build quality is also worthy of mentioning. Judging by the pros and the cons of this laptop that are highlighted above, it is clear that this is a cool laptop with superior features that can handle most modern applications. As a result of this, buying it is a great investment that you should not even think twice about in case you are in need of a laptop for use at home, in school or even the office.

Unless you’re an avid gamer or a power user, the Sony VAIO E15 Series SVE15124CXW Laptop should suit your needs perfectly.

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