Speed Queen AWN412S 26 Top-Load Washer Review

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Speed Queen AWN412S 26 Top-Load Washer

Product Review: Speed Queen AWN412S 26 Top-Load Washer

Company: Amazon

Price Range: $750 – $800

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Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for an energy efficient, top loading washing machine which is low on frills, but high on speed, reliability and efficiency.


  • The Speed Queen AWN412S is US made in Wisconsin and built to last with its commercial-grade construction which uses only the highest quality parts. The galvanized steel cabinet is designed to protect the steel from water and chemicals for maximum durability. The durable stainless steel washtub has a large 3.3 cubic ft capacity which can hold larger loads.
  • Rear self levelling legs allow you to easily adjust the unit so it’s flush against the floor for maximum stability.
  • Featuring Hush Pak insulation, this technology dampens the sound from the machine which results in quieter operation.
  • Simplicity is key with the Speed Queen so there are no confusing electronic controls to get to grips with, but instead just basic control knobs.
  • – The water level selector allows you to set the water level to Mini, Small, Medium or Extra Large.
  • – There are 8 wash cycles which include Regular, Permanent Press, Handwash/Delicate and Soak/Prewash.
  • – The three wash temperature settings let you select between Hot, Warm or Cold.
  • – There are two spin speeds (473 RPM or 710 RPM) which allow you to quietly spin dry clothes at high or low speed.
  • The machine features both a Bleach Dispenser and Fabric Softener Dispenser which helps with removing ingrained stains from clothes.


  • This washer consumes more electricity and water than front-load style washers, in the region of about $20 per year. However, its reliability rate is notably much higher.

Guarantee: 3-year warranty on parts & labor. 5-year limited warranty on motor and cabinet. 10-year limited warranty on transmission. Lifetime warranty on outer drain tub and stainless steel wash basket.


The Speed Queen AWN412S 26 Top-Load Washer lacks the fancy features of more modern washers, but its speed, user-friendliness and cleaning efficiency is second to none. It’s backed by a very solid warranty which signifies its standard of reliability.

Anyone looking for a reliable, USA made washing machine of the old school variety will be pleased as punch with this queen of a machine.

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