SPT RF-330SS 3.3 cu.ft. Compact Refrigerator Review

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SPT RF-330SS: 3.3 cu.ft. Compact Refrigerator

Product Review: SPT RF-330SS: 3.3 cu.ft. Compact Refrigerator

Company: Amazon

Price Range: $150 – $200

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Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for highly compact, durable free-standing refrigerator which operates quietly. The can storage makes this particularly great for use in dorm rooms.


  • The SPT RF-330SS Compact Refrigerator is aesthetically appealing with its sleek stainless VCM finish which consists of a durable metal sheet coated in polyvinyl chloride which is resistant to both scratches and fingerprints. With the reversible door, you can switch the side which it opens depending on your room layout and preference.
  • Flush-back design – This makes the refrigerators profile ultra-compact which is great for very small rooms where there is little free space. Bear in mind that you need to allow ample space around the appliance for ventilation. Space required is 4″ at the back, 8″ at the sides and 12″ at the top.
  • The refrigerator provides 3.3 cu ft of space and practical storage options. A removable wire rack is included to allow you to fit in taller, bulkier items if necessary. The door has a Canstor storage rack which can hold up to 8 drink cans, plus a bottle rack which can accommodate several tall bottles.
  • The adjustable thermostat dial which is located inside allows you to regulate the refrigerator temperature between 34 to 41°F to maintain a level of cooling specific for your needs.
  • The top-mounted freezer compartment gives you convenient storage of frozen foods and includes an ice cube tray. The internal dimensions of the freezer are 12.6″ x 10.24″ x 4.13″ (W x D x H).


  • There is no auto defrost feature so you need to defrost the appliance manually.
  • The freezer does not have a separate door compartment externally, but instead is integrated inside the refrigerator so it’s rather small.
  • The refrigerator has no interior light so visibility isn’t great in darker rooms.

Guarantee: 1-year warranty

Value for money?

Although the Sunpentown RF-330SS has its drawbacks it still remains a good quality basic compact refrigerator with nice interior storage options and styling superior to most of its competitors. We rate this model as adequately priced in terms of value.

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