SPT WC-2461H Double-Door Dual-Zone Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler with Heating Review

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SPT WC-2461H Double-Door Dual-Zone Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler with Heating

Product Review: SPT WC-2461H Double-Door Dual-Zone Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler with Heating

Company: Amazon

Price Range: $250 – $300

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Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for a quiet and compact 24 bottle dual zone wine cooler designed to accommodate standard sized bottles.


  • The SPT WC-2461H has dual doors which have a sleek, stainless steel trim and double paned insulated glass for optimum cooling efficiency. The front levelling leg helps stabilize the unit on uneven surfaces.
  • There are ten slide out shelves (five in each zone), giving you the versatility to store thicker than regular sized bottles if required. Each zone in the cooler can hold up to 12 bottles, giving you a total capacity of 24 standard sized bottles.
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology is used to provide ultra quiet cooling without any unwanted vibrations. Unlike standard thermoelectric cooling systems, this employs heating technology which ensures that the set temperature is always maintained even when the ambient temperature drops.
  • Touch sensitive controls provide easy adjustment of the temperature for each zone, allowing you to select between 45-64 degrees F. An LED display on each door shows a temperature read out to provide you at a glance monitoring of the current temperature in each zone.


  • This wine cooler is designed primarily for standard sized bottles so only slightly thicker bottles will fit in.
  • It lacks the same cooling efficiency as compressor type wine coolers. The ambient air temperature should be no more than about 30 degrees higher than the temperature you want the cooler to maintain.



The SPT WC-2461H Dual-Zone Wine Cooler ticks all the right boxes. It’s stylish, highly functional and user-friendly.

Its dual zone capability is a desirable feature which allows you to cool wines at different temperatures at the same time. This model would particularly suit those who like both red and white wines, and want to cool them together.

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