Whirlpool Whispure APT40010R Tower Air Purifier Review

Whirlpool Whispure Tower Air Purifier

Product Review: Whirlpool Whispure Tower Air Purifier- HEPA Air Cleaner, APT40010R

Company: Amazon

Price Range: $150 – $200

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Who Would Buy This: Those shopping for a quality air purifier that can quietly remove allergens from a room which is up to 200 sq ft.


  • The APT40010R Whispure™ Air Purifier features a True HEPA filter which captures a staggering 99.97% of dust particles to keep your room clean and allow you to breathe easier. Being ozone-free, means that it doesn’t generate any unwanted chemicals from ionizers.
  • Aesthetically, this is a smart looking air purifier. The curved outer body and tower design looks clean and modern plus the unit has a small footprint so it doesn’t take up much room space. The built-in handle is very handy for moving the unit from room-to-room. It is suitable for rooms as large as 200 sq ft so it’s fine even for those with sizable properties that have larger rooms.
  • Knowing when to replace the filters is easy thanks to the replacements lights on the unit for both the HEPA filter and the pre-filter.
  • This machine features a 3-speed fan and an automatic mode which controls the fan speed based on the air quality. On the low speed setting, the unit is very quiet so it’s a nice setting for a room where you often stay in.
  • The sleep mode is very useful for keeping the unit quiet at night so no one’s sleep is disturbed.
  • Energy Star qualified. Always a plus as far as saving energy and helping the environment goes.


  • The LED lights on the unit are rather bright so using this in a bedroom could be slightly distracting. However, you could cover over the control panel with a cloth to prevent the light shining.

Guarantee: 5-year limited manufactures warranty.

Value for money?

Whirlpool has got a lot of experience in manufacturing excellent air purifiers and it shows with the APT400010R. With an excellent set of features, user-friendly design and a small footprint, this unit provides outstanding value for money.

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